coffee scrub?

Some people drink their coffee black. Some like it with frothed almond milk. Others prefer to rub it onto their cellulite. While that's a great use of leftover grounds, it won't get rid of cellulite that affects around 90% of all women.

there are no magic potions.

There are loads of creams and scrubs promising to magically whisk away cellulite, but all of their effects are superficial and temporary, at best. There are also surgical procedures that may be more successful. But these procedures are invasive and could involve downtime.

Cellulite survey of 2006 women*, The Harris Poll, 2020

of women indicated they have tried something to improve their cellulite

of women indicated they have tried something to improve their cellulite

Get the full picture on what's out there and how it may affect your cellulite. Interact with the image below to see how the areas of your body may be affected by different cellulite treatments.

DR. KOL, 2020

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Endo Aesthetics

Well, with treatments that get to the sources of cellulite, sometimes sacrifices need to be made—like not being able to go to the gym the next day or having to wear certain undergarments immediately following a procedure. And, not all women are on board with this. Thankfully, scientists continue to explore treatments that target the real cause of cellulite in minimally invasive ways. Stay in the loop by following us on Instagram ReallyCellulite.

*Responses represented by a survey of 2006 U.S. women ages 18-59 who have cellulite and 302 licensed U.S. health care professionals (151 Dermatologists and 151 Plastic Surgeons), conducted by The Harris Poll between January 2-26, 2020 on behalf of Endo Aesthetics.

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